Specialized Tree Care

We at Specialized Tree Care recognize that every tree plays a valuable role in the health and longevity South Florida’s urban canopy. With our extensive knowledge and experience in tree preservation and aesthetics, we pridefully do our part to facilitate harmony between greenery and city structures. We ensure that every tree we care for is healthy, properly pruned and planted in an area in which it can grow and thrive. We also diagnose and remove trees that are hazardous, diseased or are of an invasive species.

Licensed, bonded and insured, we serve both commercial and residential clients in South Florida with top-of-the-line climbing equipment and safety standards. We are dedicated to great customer service and affordable pricing.

Our Mission

We are committed to help preserve the dignity of trees and the tree care profession one customer, and one tree at a time.


By employing a technical and artistic approach to tree care our service benefits both the tree and the homeowner.


We pour 25 years of accumulated and refined talent into each shrub, small or large tree we prune or safely remove.

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