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Our trees add an element of beauty to our natural surroundings. Yet very few property owners appreciate the complexity of our trees and fully understand the care that they often require to remain healthy in an urban landscape. At Specialized Tree Care, we are a Coral Gables tree service that understands the needs of trees intimately.

In Coral Gables, Our Trees Are Prized Investments

Having well cared for trees is a priority for most homeowners in Coral Gables. The historic areas are lined with their beauty. Here, we know how trees enhance the beauty of our homes and public areas. As an investment, we owe them a duty to care for them properly.

Diagnosing a Tree’s Health

Having a professional arborist helps to improve the health and aesthetics of these beautiful living organisms. Our skilled staff has extensive experience in diagnosing diseases, pruning, and tree removal in Coral Gables. In many ways, the aesthetics of trees are closely tied to the way you and others experience your property. Not only does having dead or unruly trees take away from the beauty of your property but it can also be hazardous.

Damage Due to Dead or Diseased Limbs

Your home or property may sustain considerable damage when dead or diseased limbs are allowed to remain on the tree. During storms, these limbs can be strained and break in high winds and cause damage to your home, property, or that of your neighbors.

Hiring a professional tree trimming service in Coral Gables protects your property, family, and neighbors. By pruning and trimming broken and diseased branches, you eliminate the potential of one of those branches causing harm either to humans or structures.

Trimming Promotes Health

Trimming also promotes better overall tree heath. By removing dead, infested, weakened or diseased limbs, the tree concentrates its energy on the healthy areas. Consequently, the production of new leaf growth, flowering, and fruit production are enhanced. Proper pruning also keeps your trees from growing into power lines and encroaching on structures and causing damage.

Removal May Be the Solution

Regularly scheduled tree trimming, care, and maintenance will enhance the appearance and health of your trees and eliminate costly damage to your property. If a tree is diseased or dying, tree removal in Coral Gables may be the best solution. When you call the experts at Specialized Tree Care, we can diagnose your tree issues and offer solutions whether they are treating the diseased area, removing it, or removing the entire tree.

Only Trust Experienced Tree Professionals

Tree pruning and removal is no place for an amateur. Dealing with large limbs and towering tree trunks can be dangerous business. When you hire Specialized Tree Care for tree removal or pruning, you can rest assured that all safety precautions are being attended to and all equipment is of the highest quality. Our crews have the experience and expertise to remove large trees and branches in confined areas without causing damage to the surrounding structures or landscape.

Specializing in Tropical Trees

We believe that every tree is valuable and treat each one with care and respect. Specializing in tropical arboriculture, we have worked extensively throughout South Florida and the Keys to attend to problems inherent to tropical trees. At the core of our company is our commitment to the urban canopy and the care of our natural resources. We were founded on the pursuit of scientific and sustainable tree care and are passionate about what we do. We feel this is what enables us to exhibit the highest level of arboriculture possible and continue to serve our clients and community with the highest standards.

With our extensive knowledge and over 25 years of experience, we are proud of the part we have played to ensure that each tree we care for is healthy and thriving. Proper pruning and planting in an area that allows room for it to grow and thrive is fundamental. If you are looking for the most professional Coral Gables tree service for your trees, call the experts at Specialized Tree Care for a no-cost quote.

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