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At Specialized Tree Care, we recognize the value that trees bring to our lives and to our environment. Each tree, planted correctly and cared for properly, brings incredible beauty and value to our town of Miami Springs. That is why we truly offer “specialized tree care”. Like humans, each tree is an individual and requires an individual approach depending on the health, age and previous care of the tree.

Every tree deserves to be healthy, properly pruned and planted in an area where it can thrive. When you entrust us with your tree care, you will get the benefit of our 25 years of specialized tree services in Miami Springs and throughout South Florida. Trees are more than just landscape incidentals to us. As the lungs of the world, we want each tree to grow and thrive in the best habitat possible.

Diagnosis of Diseases and Pests

At Specialized Tree Care, we are arborists who care for and manage the health of your trees by understanding diseases and pest infestation that can affect and compromise them. By treating a tree before the structure is compromised, we are often able to save it from an unfortunate tree removal. We are able to identify trees that may be at risk and offer solutions.

Structural Tree Trimming in Miami Springs

Pruning is not always just for aesthetic value. Assisting a tree’s structure allows it to grow healthy and strong with integrity. Trees in urban areas can often develop top-heavy canopies with sprawling limbs that can be too heavy for the tree to support. These can be dangerous in high winds and hurricanes. Structural pruning assists a tree to develop in a way that it can support its limbs and not become dangerous in weather occurrences.

Crown Thinning

Crown thinning allows additional light through the tree’s crown. We selectively remove some of the branches and stems in order to allow more light and air to penetrate the crown of the tree. This will help reduce density to cut down on the potential damage it may sustain during a storm without altering its basic shape.

Prevention of Tree Failure

When trees have compromised structures, they can fail. One of the ways that trees can be properly cultivated to prevent this from happening is proper pruning when they are young. This will ensure strength when they reach their full maturity. There are those times that we may utilize braces and cables to offer added support for important trees.

Tree Removal in Miami Springs

If a tree has become too compromised, it may require removal. Trees that have become unsound, diseased or compromised by decay or insects may need to be removed.

Safety is Our Number One Concern

Because tree removal can be dangerous, you only want professionals who are experienced in matters of safe removal. Many trees must be removed from areas that are close to homes, utility lines or other sensitive areas. Consequently, tree removal requires experience and the right equipment. At Specialized Tree Care, our Miami Springs tree cutting experts use only the most specialized gear and equipment and employ the highest safety standards.

From Installation to Removal

Our certified arborists have the education and experience for all your tree needs from installation to removal

  • Installation
  • Structural pruning and tree trimming
  • Vista pruning
  • Crown thinning
  • Hazard mitigation
  • Hurricane preparation
  • Mangrove trimming
  • Stump removal in Miami Springs
  • Tree cutting in Miami Springs
  • Arborist reports
  • Pest and disease diagnosis
  • Soil assessment
  • Fertilization
  • Pre-construction removal

Be Careful

Unfortunately, there are tree services in South Florida that use harmful practices for short-term or purely aesthetic impact. These may totally ignore the long-term impact on the tree. At Specialized Tree Care, we will always consider what is best for the health and viability of the tree first.

At Specialized Tree Care, we believe in the dignity of trees and helping to educate the customer. We take a functional as well as an artistic approach to their care that will benefit both the tree and the homeowner. We are dedicated to the finest customer service and affordable pricing. Call us for a free quote today. (786) 718-2443. We service the following zip codes in Miami Springs: 33142, 33166, 33266, and more.

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