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Davie Tree Removal, Cutting, and Trimming Services | Specialized Tree Care

Specialized Tree Care


At Specialized Tree Care, we believe in personifying our name. When you call us for any Davie tree service, we offer specialized care. You will get our wealth of 25 years of experience specializing in South Florida trees and tropical landscapes and our wealth of knowledge when it comes to the care, health, and diagnosis of trees. As certified arborists, we know tree biology extensively and use our knowledge in the expert care of each and every tree we encounter.

Why Do You Want a Professional?

As tree professionals and certified arborists, we are professionals in the areas of:

  • Urban forestry — we have extensive knowledge in the care of trees in an urban setting.
  • Tree biology — we have a broad scientific understanding of trees and how they grow and flourish
  • Tree identification and selection — we understand which trees thrive in which settings and the requirements of each species.
  • Tree installation and establishment — we are able to plant in the appropriate areas with the correct establishment procedures to ensure tree health and safety.
  • Diagnosis and treatment — when trees suffer, we have experience diagnosing and treating them from insect infestations to disease
  • Pruning practices — we use the most advanced pruning practices in order to keep tree structure sound and healthy as well as aesthetically pleasing
  • Risk management — we are able to identify trees that may be at risk and are able to offer solutions
  • Tree protection — we have knowledge and understanding of the rules and regulations of different municipalities with regard to tree protection
  • Soil management — we have the ability to maintain and enhance soil quality for the proper care of trees
  • Safety — we are knowledgeable about safety when it comes to the care and maintenance of trees and employ only the best safety practices

All Tree Companies Are Not Alike

There are many tree services in Davie and throughout South Florida that use harmful practices. These services will often do what is easiest short term, gets the most aesthetic impact immediately, or they simply are unaware of what they are doing and its consequence to the tree. We always are considering what is best for the health of the tree and its long-term health and viability.

The Health of the Tree is Our Number One Concern

To a certified arborist in Davie, the health of the tree is of utmost importance and should be important to the homeowner as well. Your trees are a large investment and well cared for trees enhance not only the beauty of a property but its value. Mature and healthy tree growth also provides much-needed shade in the Florida sun and cuts down on energy bills. Trees are a natural barrier between us and the pollution in our environment. But many people only see a tree as an accessory to their home. Enlisting the care of an arborist will have you thinking differently about the trees on your property.

Safety First

When we are hired for a tree cutting or tree trimming in Davie, we implement the most state of the art safety gear for our crews. You may see that this is quite rare in the tree and landscaping industry. We believe in the safety of our employees and our customers at all times. Our crews are also adept at the removal of large limbs and trees in small areas without harming the adjacent structures or other landscaping. This is expertise that only comes with years of experience.

Storm Safety

In Florida, we deal with the added issue of hurricanes. Although many companies offer storm mitigation services, we suggest a healthy and well cared for tree is your best remedy to storm damage. That said, we believe in the proper pruning and removal of any dead, diseased, or infected limbs or trees in order that they do not become hazards during a storm. Healthy, strong trees can protect your home whereas old, sick, or damaged trees can pose a hazard during a storm.

If you are looking for a professional tree service in Davie with a specialized and caring approach to trees, call Specialized Tree Care. We offer a no-cost quote for any of your tree care needs.

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Our Trees Always Come First

Knowledge & Experience

We ensure that every tree we care for is healthy properly pruned and planted in an area in which it can grow and thrive.

Tree Health Diagnosis

We also diagnose and remove trees that are hazardous, diseased or are of invasive species.

Licensed, Bonded & Insured

We serve both commercial and residential clients in South Florida with top-of-the-line climbing equipment and safety standards.

Tree Preservation

We pridefully do our part to facilitate harmony between greenery and city structures.

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