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Trimming and pruning your trees helps to maintain their overall health, aesthetic value, and safety. Expert tree pruning will help keep limbs from infringing on areas of your home such as the roof, windows, or gutters and keep diseased areas and insect infestations in check.

Your Trees Are an Investment

Your trees are an important investment not only for your property but for the environment as a whole. Help keep them healthy with proper trimming and pruning. Trees that are not maintained have an increased risk of failure.

When properly trimmed and maintained, your trees can live long and healthy lives. Even pruning small or medium-sized trees can result in strong and healthy branch structure. Pruning mature trees can reduce the risk of falling branches in wind and storm scenarios that may harm people, property, or adjacent structures.

Healthy Tree Structure

From training young trees to managing older ones, appropriate pruning by an experienced Miami tree service will help keep a tree well-structured and preserve its crown as it grows. A tree with poor structure can be costly and result in hazards and, often, early tree failure. Improperly pruned trees can harm the entire tree’s health and stability. Proper trimming and pruning promote your tree’s natural growth habits and overall health and structure.

As a master Miami tree service, we only use the most progressive practices in tree care today in order to ensure the health of your trees.

Structural Pruning

Structural pruning enhances the overall strength of your tree by eliminating any weak branch formations.


Shaping will consider the aesthetics of the tree and encourage healthy, beautiful growth within its given environment.


Thinning will promote tree health while reducing weight and wind resistance that can lead to branch failure.

As professional Miami arborists, we always consider that any cut made to your tree is a wound. So we take great care in how and where we trim your trees and keep cuts to a minimum. Before we begin, we look for any unhealthy conditions on the tree such as dead wood, crossed branches or included bark.

Dead Wood

Dead wood is an invitation to infestations and bacteria and fungi. When dead wood is left on a tree, it can become a hazard. We take care to cut away any dead wood while leaving healthy growth intact.

Crossed Branches

Crossed branches increase the likelihood of branch failure. Branches that rub against each other can create weak points that can harbor pests or disease. When branches cross and rub, we remove the smaller of the branches.

Likewise, when two branches grow closely together that they join, they may begin to grow into each other. This is known as included bark. When this happens, one or both of the branches may fail. Usually, we will remove the smaller of the branches in order to alleviate this possibility.

Although tree trimming may sound simple, it is a matter of safety, arbor knowledge, and artistry. Tree pruning in Miami should always be left to a professional. As a living thing, your trees deserve to be treated with respectful techniques that encourage their health and future viability. Call the experts at Specialized Tree Care for a no-cost quote in order to maintain the health and beauty of your trees.

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