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Tree removal is an unfortunate but necessary part of tree care. There are many reasons a homeowner chooses to remove a tree. It may be dead, diseased, or hazardous to people or structures in the area. When you require a professional and experienced Miami tree service, call the experts at Specialized Tree Care.

Reasons For Tree Removal in Miami

A dead or diseased tree can become a safety hazard, especially in a storm. In some cases, a tree may be in conflict with the surrounding landscape or simply in a poor location. Roots can grow under structures and cause them to become unstable or interfere with wiring or plumbing. Some removals simply benefit the surrounding vegetation by eliminating competition for light or space.

How Do You Know When to Remove a Tree?

Many times, it can be difficult to know whether to have a tree removed. That is when the advice of a professional Miami arborist is important. At Specialized Tree Care, our staff of experts knows when tree removal is necessary or when trimming or pruning can be a solution. When performed by a professional, tree removal will reduce damage to other trees in the area and your property.

Consult With a Professional

We specialize in diagnosing and maintaining tree health and will make suggestions for treatment or make recommendations when we feel tree removal is necessary. A professional examination of your trees may also reveal any potential issues so they may be corrected before further damage can occur.

Experience and the Right Equipment

It’s always important to hire a professional for any tree removal on your property. Removing trees can be a dangerous process if done improperly. You may end up harming yourself or others or cause damage to your property. It is not worth the consequences or potential risks to try to remove a tree yourself.

At Specialized Tree Care, we have the experience and equipment to get the job done properly. With over 25 years of combined experience as a tree cutting service in Miami, we have come to believe that trees deserve being treated with dignity. By taking a technical and artistic approach, we believe we best serve the trees in our care as well as the homeowner.

A Hazardous Job

Removing a tree is one of the most hazardous aspects of arboriculture. We often find that we must remove a tree in a confined area near other homes, utility lines, or other sensitive landscapes. This requires experience and the right equipment in order to perform a removal successfully.

Our skilled crew comes equipped with the expertise and the modern equipment to remove any size tree from your property. Whether the tree is still standing or it has been blown over in a storm, we can remove it safely and completely.

At Specialized Tree Care, we use only the most specialized modern tree climbing and cutting equipment and follow all safety standards to the letter. Over our years of tree cutting services in Miami, we have dedicated ourselves to the.the best possible customer service at the most affordable pricing. Call us today for a free quote.

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