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After you have a tree removed, you will be left with a telltale stump, Even when the tree has been cut flush with the ground, it leaves a lip that requires care to mow and landscape around as well as providing a hazard to anyone who may be walking in the area. And an ugly stump can detract from the beauty of the rest of your yard.

Remove Unsightly Stumps

Having a stump removed is the most beneficial way to allow the area to go back to its natural state where dirt and grass can cover it and no remaining hazard is left to trip unsuspecting passers-by. By having your stump removed, it will cosmetically remove traces of the tree and provide an area that can be landscaped over.

Will the Stump Eventually Break Down?

Although tree stumps will eventually rot as they do in the forest, it can take even a small stump years to break down. Unwanted tree stumps should be removed as soon as possible. Roots from stumps can grow and damage outdoor areas, underground utilities, and structural foundations. Tree stumps can also become a haven for pests, termites, and fungal diseases. This can affect the other plants in the area.

Specialized Equipment and Gear For Safe Removal

Tree stump removal in Miami requires specialized equipment in the way of a stump grinder. This grinder is used to break down the remaining stump. As experts in stump removal, we can efficiently and safely remove any trace of the stump. As the grinder cuts, the remaining wood is turned into beneficial mulch that you can use or we can easily remove from your yard.

When we remove a tree stump, we make sure the remaining trunk is as low as possible to the ground. This makes less work for the grinder to do. We also ensure that the area is clear of any obstacles for maximum safety. When the stump has been completely ground, we remove any debris that is left from the procedure or allow you to recycle and repurpose the mulch it produces. You can then fill in the hole with dirt and plant or sod over it. You will no longer have a stump in your yard that poses a hazard to people, other plantings, or lawn equipment.

Why Not DIY?

We have seen too many homeowners who have decided to use a grinder themselves for the first time, only to be injured in the process. Stump grinders can be dangerous and without the proper gear, they can result in a trip to the emergency room. Make sure you get the services of a professional Miami tree service in order to do a safe and efficient removal.

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When you need a stump removed or any other type of specialized tree care, call the professional Miami arborists at Specialized Tree Care. We provide a no-cost quote for any services from tree trimming to stump removal.

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