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When you are looking for a professional tree service in Doral, trust the experts with over 25 years of experience. At Specialized Tree Care, we offer safe and affordable arborist services with the intention of maintaining your trees’ health and viability above all else.

When you call our team of professionals, you get experienced experts in South Florida tree services

  • Tree inspections
  • Tree removal in Doral
  • Structural analysis
  • Structural pruning
  • Cabling and bracing
  • Soil management
  • Fertilization
  • Storm mitigation
  • Emergency services
  • Installation
  • Insect and disease management
  • Tree inventory and management
  • Arborist reports
  • Stump removal in Doral

Tree Removal

Although our main focus is the health and viability of your trees, it sometimes becomes necessary to remove a tree that has become damaged and is now dangerous. Trees sometimes need to be removed because of overcrowding or their roots have grown under other structures and they are now unstable or are interfering with electrical wiring or plumbing.

A homeowner may not know when it is appropriate to remove a tree. That is why the advice of a professional is so important. At Specialized Tree Care, our expert staff knows when trimming or pruning is sufficient for a solution or when removal is necessary.

When professionally removed, a tree will no longer be a danger to other trees, structures or people on your property. We take care to cut the tree as close to the surface of the ground as possible and then provide professional stump removal to ensure that no further danger exists.

The removal of a tree is one of the more dangerous parts of our job. Safety is the most important aspect of a successful tree removal. We use only the most state-of-the-art safety gear and equipment in order to ensure that the job is done without damage to any surrounding structures, trees, utility lines or any other sensitive landscaping areas.

Tree Trimming in Doral

Any cut we make to a tree is a wound so we don’t do it needlessly. At Specialized Tree Care, we use only the most progressive methods of tree care in the industry to ensure the health and viability of your trees.

Our tree trimming methods take into consideration the age, shape and environment of the tree to ensure that it is getting the best care possible. We employ

  • Structural pruning to enhance the strength of young trees into maturity by eliminating weak branch formations.
  • Shaping to enhance the aesthetics of the tree and to encourage future healthy growth within its environment.
  • Thinning to promote health while reducing the weight and wind resistance of branches that can lead to branch failure.
  • Dead wood is an invitation for decay and pest infestation. Consequently, dead wood left on a tree becomes a hazard. We will cut away the dead wood and leave the healthy wood intact.
  • Crossed branches can increase the likelihood of branch failure when branches rub up against each other. This can create weak points that can be an invitation to decay and pests. When branches cross and rub, we will remove the smaller of the two branches.

Tree Pruning

To maintain healthy trees, pruning will remove dead and dying limbs and thin branches to limit wind resistance during a storm. Pruning trees should not be left to any amateur. Trimming must be done carefully in order to leave healthy branches where they matter most.

For young trees, structural pruning will ensure that the tree will grow in a healthy and structurally sound way to alleviate the chance of failure in the future. Structural pruning will create a stronger framework for young trees as they mature. This should be left to a professional Doral arborist who will take the correct measures to prune carefully and safely.

Disease and Pest Management

I tree that is suffering from decay or insect infestation is not a healthy one. At Specialized Tree Care, we have the tools to deal with trees that are showing signs of disease or infestation. These may include proper pruning, treating the infestation itself or even amending the soil conditions around the tree.

When you are looking for expert tree services in Doral, call the tree professionals at Specialized Tree Care for a free quotation. (786) 718-2443. We service the following zip codes in Doral: 33122, 33126, 33166, 33172, 33178, 33191, 33192, and more.

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